10 Ton Pneumatic Toggle Press Features High Accuracy, Low Air Consumption

A new, simple to operate, bench top 10 ton pneumatic toggle press that replaces older flywheel types for a wide range of fabrication and assembly operations is being introduced by Joraco, Inc. of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

The Toggle-Aire® Model 2530 10 Ton Pneumatic Press is powered by a 3-7/8” diameter tandem cylinder coupled to a lever/toggle linkage that produces 10 tons of force with a power-to-air consumption ratio of 0.64 cu.ft. per stroke. Featuring ±.001” accuracy and repeatability, this single stroke bench top press has only seven moving parts, a simple one-shot lubrication system, a compact 10” x 18” footprint, and operates on 80-100 psi air.

Ideally suited for stamping, blanking, punching, die cutting, forming, staking, riveting, coining, embossing, cold forming, heat sealing, and similar applications, the Toggle-Aire® Model 2530 10 Ton Pneumatic Press comes in single stroke and automated configurations. Standard features include an 8” x 10” platen, 5-1/2” deep throat, and two hand anti-tie down actuators. Options include photo-optic no touch pneumatic actuators.

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