Aim Joraco Manufactures Their First Clean Room Compatible 32-ton Pneumatic Toggle Press

AIM JORACO, “The Pneumatic Toggle Press Innovators”® , has introduced a completely pneumatic 32-Ton toggle press suitable for a clean room environment.

Smithfield, RI, February 8, 2013 – AIM JORACO’s TOGGLE-AIRE® press line is the “go to” solution when a project requires high precision control and repeatability of the end of stroke position, otherwise known as shut height. A recent project had AIM JORACO’s engineering team working to establish force requirements for a stainless steel forming application that suited the toggle press line perfectly. To date the TOGGLE-AIRE® Model 3530 (16-ton), was their maximum capacity toggle press, but for this application the customer required more force. It was at this point that AIM JORACO’s engineers took the organization’s 50+ years of expertise with toggle presses and developed the first pneumatic toggle press capable of producing up to 32-tons of force.

AIM JORACOengineered and manufactured a robust 32-ton air actuated toggle press that utilizes a tandem cylinder and provides +/- .001” control of depth. The speed, precision, control and repeatability offered by the TOGGLE-AIRE® press line is ideal for forming and crimping as well as many other production application requirements. As opposed to messy hydraulic systems, a pneumatic toggle press simply requires a single air connection so they can easily accommodate a clean work environment. Low noise, clean exhaust, lubrication free features, and now the unprecedented 32-ton force capabilities of AIM JORACO’s TOGGLE-AIRE® press line make them the ideal choice for medical device assembly, pharmaceutical, biotechnology, microelectronics and other clean room required

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