Aim Joraco Receives A 100% Vendor Performance Rating

AIM JORACO’s TOGGLE-AIRE® Presses Received a 100% Performance Measure for Delivery and Quality for the Year 2009

5 Ton Pneumatic PressSmithfield, RI January 11, 2010 – AIM JORACO is proud to announce that it received a 100% on a performance review conducted by Lightolier de Mexico (Lightolier is a Philips group brand). Lightolier conducted their 2009 vendor performance reviews as part of their ISO 9000 System and continuous improvement process. This review evaluated over 200 vendors for both delivery and quality measures over a 12-month period from January – December 2009. AIM JORACO received 100% for both Quality and Delivery for a final performance rating of 100%. Given the tough economic time, where the simple availability of material from suppliers was low, this maintained delivery rate alone is significant.

AIM JORACO and Lightolier have maintained a strong relationship for many years. Karl Mortensen, Senior Product Engineer for Lightolier recently commented that “Lightolier has used the 3 Ton Toggle-Aireâ Model 1030 BEM for most small press assemblies in Fall River, MA as well as Mexico… One of the reasons we contacted AIM JORACO is because the presses we were using could not handle the hundreds of thousands of cycles that your machines have proven to withstand. Your presses are pure workhorses – without the unnecessary bells and whistles.” This latest vendor performance review is a testament to AIM JORACO’s commitment to both service and quality.

Observing industry’s need for a compact, reliable, accurate and powerful air press, AIM JORACO designed its first pneumatic press in 1959 and gradually transitioned into a premier manufacturer of pneumatically powered toggle presses – the TOGGLE-AIRE® line. Over the years, the TOGGLE-AIRE® and DIRECT-AIRE® press lines have expanded and there are currently thousands of presses and rotary indexers in the field – most still in operation. Time tested, with billions of strokes performed, they offer the user an economical and efficient alternative to full revolution and light capacity hydraulic and pneumatic presses.

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