Direct-aire Press Provides Full-force Over Entire Stroke

A new DIRECT-AIRE® press to complement their line of TOGGLE-AIRE® pneumatic presses for assembling bushings, posts, inserts, fasteners, and related products is being introduced by AIM Joraco of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

The AIM Joraco DIRECT-AIRE® Press features a straight pneumatic cylinder for applications requiring full force over the entire stroke. Suitable for a wide range of manual and semi-automatic assembly operations, this press is offered with a standard 4.5” stroke, providing from 500 to 5,000 lbs. constant force, in both C- and H-frame configurations manufactured from steel plate. Custom dimensions available.

Designed to let users specify a press that meets their needs, the AIM Joraco DIRECT-AIRE® Press is offered with three RAM styles: internal- or external threaded 1” RAM and one with a hole for shank mount. Options include pneumatic counters, dwell timers, FRLs keyed to air shut-off, two-hand single stroke anti-tie-down operation, and custom platens and tooling.

Literature is available upon request. Distributor and dealer inquiries are invited.

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