Multi-station Indexer Performs 100% Parts Inspection

A new multi-station parts indexer that can perform pre- and post-assembly parts inspection automatically to eliminate manual quality control parts inspection is being introduced by AIM Joraco of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

The Toggle-Aire® Multi-Station Indexer is pneumatically operated and PLC controlled to perform a variety of parts assembly operations and provide 100% pre- and post-assembly parts inspection, at up to 1600 parts-per-hour. Dramatically reducing labor costs, this indexer only assembles, counts, and ejects correctly assembled parts and rejects the bad parts automatically.

Suitable for pressing inserts, swaging, broaching, crimping, and related assembly operations, the Toggle-Aire® Multi-Station Indexer can be equipped with 3 to 10 ton presses. Controls provide user-programmable dwell timers and inspection options can include mechanical and optical sensing. Ram to station accuracy can be ±.0015″ with ±.001″ press component repeatability.

Literature is available upon request. Representative inquiries are invited.

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