Medical Press Introduced For Heart Stent Implant Assembly Process

A premier manufacturer of the TOGGLE-AIRE® line of precision pneumatic presses is proud to announce the successful delivery of a medical grade press for use within a surgical implant assembly process.AIM Joraco Medical Press with Force Monitoring

Smithfield, RI, March 5, 2010 – AIM-JORACO introduces a medical grade pneumatic toggle press that is being used in the assembly process of heart stent implants. The TOGGLE-AIRE® model 1030 CSR-G2 has been customized to perform a crimping operation with a force-monitoring feature to provide strict quality control. This opportunity came about when a leading global provider of innovative devices for the treatment of peripheral vascular disease required a custom press for the manufacturing process of an implantable vascular device. After careful research and consideration they reached out to AIM-JORACO, “The pneumatic toggle press innovators”® , to provide a reliable solution.

Force monitoring controls can validate proper press operation and provide interrupts, alarms and the documentation required for ISO compliance. These process controls assure manufacturing consistency from lot-to-lot and can incorporate a wide range of display and signal conditioning devices to meet specific customer requirements. According to Andrew Lewis, president of AIM-JORACO, “Force monitoring was an important feature of this solution due to the quality control procedures already in place. Luckily, we have extensive experience with various force monitoring capabilities.” In this application a min/max value for each piece was determined and the force-monitoring feature ultimately determines whether a part passes or fails and data output with a time and date stamp is recorded for further verification. This full documentation method of quality inspection is necessary to ensure high level compliance of medical implant device standards.

The force-monitoring feature of AIM-JORACO’s medical grade press only enhances the core competencies of their 3-ton TOGGLE-AIRE®press, which include consistency and dependability. It operates on 50-125 lbs. of air pressure with a controlled squeeze to over 6,000 lbs. at 100 Psi. AIM-JORACO is able to offer their customers a complete out-of-the-box and ready to use pneumatic press that suits their application needs as well as the convenience of a swift and efficient solution.

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