Pneumatic Toggle Presses and Rotary Indexers CD-ROM Catalog

A new CD ROM catalog that features a full line of pneumatic toggle presses, rotary indexing machines, and accessories for fabrication and assembly tooling is being offered by Joraco, Inc. of Smithfield, Rhode Island.
The Joraco® CD ROM Catalog features a full line of Toggle-Aire® pneumatic toggle presses for single stroke or automated operation, in sizes ranging from ½ to 12 tons, compact rotary indexing machines in various sizes, fabrication and assembly tooling, and related accessories. Providing Web-like navigation, this electronic catalog includes complete specifications and CAD drawings to let users modify and customize their own equipment.

The Toggle-Aire® pneumatic toggle presses described in the Joraco® CD ROM Catalog combine the mechanical advantages of levers and toggles to produce a ram force that builds as it reaches the bottom of its stroke and creates a powerful shockless squeeze, regardless of the ram speed. Rotary indexing machines, accessories such as two-hand actuators, die sets, and fabrication and assembly tooling services are also described.

The Joraco CD ROM Catalog is available free from: Joraco, Inc., Marketing Dept., 347 Farnum Pike, Smithfield, RI 02917.

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