Pneumatic Toggle Presses Provide Real-time Force Monitoring

A new series of process monitoring controls for their line of Toggle-Aire® presses that can validate their proper operation and provide interrupts, alarms, and the documentation required for ISO compliance has been introduced by AIM Joraco of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Toggle-Aire® Pneumatic Toggle Presses combine the mechanical advantages of levers and toggles to produce a ram force that builds as it reaches the bottom of its stroke. Featuring new process controls that provide force monitoring for quality control, they can display ram position to ±0.0005”, force to ±0.05% FS, and link to a PC for real-time plotting and graphing.

Allowing users to record all Toggle-Aire® Pneumatic Toggle Press operations, these process controls assure manufacturing consistency from lot-to-lot and can incorporate a wide range of display and signal conditioning devices to meet specific customer requirements. Presses from ½ to 12 tons are avail-able for a wide variety of punching, fastening, and assembly operations.

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Heart Stent Assembly-Clean Room with Load Monitoring