Process Monitoring Controls Monitor Presses And Rotary Indexers

A new series of process monitoring controls that are available for new and retrofit installation on Toggle-Aire® presses and assembly machines is being introduced by Joraco, Inc. of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Toggle-Aire® Process Controls let users monitor ram force and ram position precisely and export the information to data acquisition software packages. Featuring a variety of display and signal conditioning devices which can be included to meet specific customer requirements, they can be supplied with all new Toggle-Aire® presses and rotary indexing machines or can be retrofit.

Allowing users to specify the type of process monitoring they require, Toggle-Aire® Process Controls are available for all ½- to 10 ton presses and rotary indexing machines. Capable of displaying ram position to ±..0005” accuracy and force to ± .05%FS these devices can provide digital readout on the machine and can also include RS232 or RS485 ports.

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Process Monitoring Controls Monitor Presses And Rotary Indexers