Rotary Indexing Machines Feature High Ram-to-station Accuracy

A full line of semi-automatic, air-powered rotary indexing machines that can be customized for a wide range of assembly and fabrication applications is available from Joraco, Inc. of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Toggle-Aire® Model 1011 RT Rotary Indexing Machines feature ram-to-station accuracy of ±..0015” and press component stroke repeatability of ±..001”. Fully pneumatic and equipped with hydrocheck units to assure smooth, positive indexing, these high speed assembly machines can include from 4 to 24 indexing stations coupled with 1/2-, 3-, and 5-ton presses.

Available with custom tooling, bowl feeders, and parts handling devices Toggle-Aire® Model 1011 RT Rotary Indexing Machines can be cycled up to 3,600 parts-per-hour, depending upon the application. Standard control packages provide fully adjustable ram and indexer speeds, dwell at station, single cycle, and semi- or fully automatic operation. A PLC is optional.

Literature and price quotations are available upon request.

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Rotary Indexing Machines