Rotary Indexing Machines Tooled To Automate Manual Operations

A new PLC controlled rotary indexing machine that can be custom fabricated to automate a wide range of manual operations, including parts delivery systems, is being introduced by AIM Joraco of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Toggle-Aire® Model 1011 RTPLC Rotary Indexing Machines are fully pneumatic, provide ram-to-station accuracy of ±.0015”, press component stroke repeat-ability of ±001” and can be tooled to automate various manual operations. Featuring a 24V PLC with a 2-line LCD display, an intuitive operator inter-face and self-diagnostics, users can independently control index- and ram speed, up/down stroke, dwell-at-station and other parameters, and totalize.

Available in ½-, 3-, 5- and 10-ton press versions with up to 24 stations, Toggle-Aire® Model 1011 RTPLC Rotary Indexing Machines can produce up to 3600 parts/hr., depending upon configuration and application. They operate on shop air and 110VAC and can be supplied blank or with custom tooling for semi- or fully automatic operation, including parts delivery systems.

Literature is available upon request. Representative inquiries are invited.

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1011RT 10 PLC