Case Studies

Having the aptitude to perform such a wide variety of actions, pneumatic presses can be extremely versatile. Pneumatic Presses are desired for their multifunctionality and their efficiency. Joraco Press Company has developed three Series of pneumatic presses, the TOGGLE-AIRE®, the DIRECT-AIRE®, and the HYDRO-AIRE. Through these pneumatic presses, we have been able to aid many significant companies in diverse industries to bring their large-scale jobs to completion. In the following documents, here are some of our past projects in our vast portfolio that demonstrate what a pneumatic press can do to aid the employees and the organization.

Clean Room Punching Application for Specialty Filter Manufacturer

This equipment was created for a manufacturer of specialty filters for a turnkey solution that was meant to punch extremely small, difficult to weave, pleated stainless steel mesh sheets.


Compacting Application for World’s Leading Provider of Technology to the Oil & Gas Industry

This project was given to us by one of the world’s leading providers of technology within the gas and oil industry. The press was designed to pack explosive materials into capsules and included preventative measures for the extremely hazardous nature of the explosive powder.


Wheel Hub Assembly Machine Press Fit of Wheel Studs

A leading manufacturer of trucks with the need to create a customer service center that was equipped with a production line. For this to be completed, Joraco Press helped to make an overall press-fitting system with special accessories that the consumer asked for.


Punch & Sheer Application Using Servo Driven Feeder

Joraco Press designed and built the fully automated punch and shear system for the ability to obtain precise tolerances and produce accurate parts over long production runs.


Staking Application for Supplier of High Quality Laser Engraved Pet ID Tags

A high-quality laser engraver company approached us to help them with their pet identification products through developing a turnkey system for them. This system would allow for the forming of anodized metal into several specific dog tag profiles.


Joraco Press Rivet Machine

Joraco Press Company’s Rivet Machine works seamlessly with equipment that customers bought from us previously. If a customer has a spare part from another Joraco Press product, the machine provides the capability to work with other types of equipment as well as the ease of maintenance.