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Marking & Stamping



With our reputation as problem solvers, a supplier of high-quality laser engraved pet identification products approached AIM Joraco about the possibility of us furnishing them with turnkey staking system for the forming of anodized metal into several specific dog tag profiles. From the start of the project, we established a close and productive relationship with the customer to share ideas, develop concepts, and pinpoint the best solution for meeting their throughput and quality requirements. With volume requirements upwards of one million units annually, we used proof of concept demonstrations to show the customer that our automation strategies were feasible and had practical potential.

This turnkey system incorporates a staking press with custom tooling; a servo powered rotary indexer, and an air driven ejection system. After the operator loads blanks onto a rotary indexer with custom nests for each of the seven different profiles, the indexer moves the parts under the press where they are staked. Staked parts rotate to the ejection station where they are blown out of the nest by a pneumatic cylinder and driven into an ejection chute.

We built this automation system for continuous duty operation. At the customer site, it runs 24 hours/day for the mass production of pet identification tags with overall dimensions of 2.5" in diameter x 0.1" in thickness. The servo motor on the rotary indexer allows for flexible, high accuracy positioning to obtain repeatable accuracy of ±0.001" on the finished tags. The customer was so impressed with the speed, accuracy, and repeatability of this system that they placed an order for four additional machines. To learn more about this automated staking system or our custom solutions for product assembly, contact us directly.

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