Punch and Shear Transformer Core Material

In metal fabrication, punching and shearing are two distinct metalworking procedures. Metal punching is a cutting technique in which the material is removed from a metal sheet by exerting sufficient tearing power. On the other hand, metal shearing removes excess material from sheet metal without using heat or generating waste in the form of chips. […]

Clean Room Presses

AIM Joraco provides diverse solutions with its benchtop pneumatic presses for clean rooms. The company’s goal is to meet the ever-demanding clean room standards while remaining the number one provider for toggle press. We manufacture TOGGLE-AIRE®, DIRECT-AIRE®, and HYDRO-AIRE® precision pneumatic and manual toggle presses for various applications. What Is A Clean Room? A clean […]

Compaction of Explosive Powders

Powder compaction is gradually becoming an essential industrial manufacturing technique for producing components with complex shapes and structures. It is the process of tamping powder particles in a die using high pressures. The tools are typically held vertically, with the punch tool forming the bottom of the chamber. After that, the powder is compacted into […]

Wheel Hub Assembly Machine

AIM-Joraco had the overarching goal of building a sophisticated high-tech production line. With this, we developed an automated press-fitting hub assembly cell system for a major tractor manufacturer by combining our expertise in pneumatic press engineering and industrial automation. This custom press solution is designed to precisely press fit bolts into tractor wheel hubs. How […]

What Is an Air Over Hydraulic Press?

A hydropneumatic press, or air over hydraulic press, combines compressed air and hydraulic oil into one system. As a clean, reliable alternative to hydraulic presses, air over hydraulic presses are used for a wide range of industrial tasks, including punching, bending, riveting, forming, and more. This type of press offers a wide range of benefits […]

Die Cutting

When cutting a particular shape from a material, die-cutting makes the process more efficient and accurate than cutting by hand. Die-cutting uses a die and a machine to cut, which produces more consistent results in less time, making it great for a variety of applications. Due to die-cutting’s ability to cut intricate shapes from paper […]

The Benefits Of Using Pneumatic Presses For Cleanroom Applications

Cleanrooms provide a controlled environment with minimal exposure to contaminants. They are used in a variety of industries where dust and debris, microorganisms, chemical vapors, or aerosolized particles might impact the efficacy of a process or product. Selecting equipment designed for use in cleanrooms is critical for maintaining the sterilization and cleanliness standards of the […]

What is a Toggle Press?

An Example Of Our Work: Aim Joraco Provides Solution For World’s Leading Provider Of Technology To The Oil & Gas Industry At AIM Joraco, we are pleased to offer the highest quality precision pneumatic and toggle presses, rotary indexing machines, and fabrication tooling for a wide range of applications. Our toggle presses offer superior accuracy […]

A Guide to Pneumatic Presses

Pneumatic presses offer a range of benefits in a wide range of applications. These machines are great due to their: power speed cleanliness low maintenance Pneumatic presses generate a force greater than manpower( manual press usually known as an arbor press) alone can supply. It can be used for pressing, squeezing, forming, and other actions. […]

The Different Types of Heat Presses

Each type of heat press brings different processing advantages.   Depending on the materials that your facility processes and the finished pressed products you need, heat presses can be an optimal tool for working with clothing, plastics, and metal. The most common types of heat presses include: Manual Heat Press Workers operate manual presses to directly […]