Why You Need a Pneumatic Toggle Press on Your Production Line

A pneumatic toggle press is a type of mechanical press that utilizes compressed air power to perform pressing operations. It is commonly used in various industrial applications for punching, embossing, crimping, riveting, and assembly operations. It got its name due to its mechanism consisting of mechanical linkages amplifying the force generated by the pneumatic system. […]

Benefits of Adding a Pneumatic Heat Press

Improving efficiency and product quality is crucial for success in heat press printing. The pneumatic heat press is a notable advancement in the industry, offering many advantages over traditional manual presses. Understanding these benefits is critical to making an informed decision to elevate your business. This blog post will focus on the impressive benefits of […]

Heat Stamping Uses and Applications

Hot or heat stamping is a precise and reliable process of transferring a design onto a material using heat and pressure. It involves utilizing a custom-made die or stamp, which is heated and then carefully pressed onto the material to create an indentation. Its versatility and effectiveness in producing high-quality designs on various materials make […]

How To Choose the Right Heat Stamping Machine for Your Application

Click to Expand Heat stamping machines in various industries generate practical designs on items, packaging, and promotional materials. This equipment includes a heated die, a foil or film carrier, and the substrate to be stamped. Then, the machine uses heat and pressure to apply a thin foil or film layer onto a substrate, such as […]

Improve Your Output With Rotary Indexers

Click to Expand Rotary indexers are machines used in manufacturing and automation processes to precisely position and rotate parts during various production stages. They consist of a rotary table with multiple indexing positions, allowing for accurate workpiece positioning and orientation. Furthermore, they are widely used in assembly lines, packaging, inspection, and machining processes. Manufacturers often […]

Punch and Shear Transformer Core Material

In metal fabrication, punching and shearing are two distinct metalworking procedures. Metal punching is a cutting technique in which the material is removed from a metal sheet by exerting sufficient tearing power. On the other hand, metal shearing removes excess material from sheet metal without using heat or generating waste in the form of chips. […]

Clean Room Presses

Click to Expand AIM Joraco provides diverse solutions with its benchtop pneumatic presses for clean rooms. The company’s goal is to meet the ever-demanding clean room standards while remaining the number one provider for toggle press. We manufacture TOGGLE-AIRE®, DIRECT-AIRE®, and HYDRO-AIRE® precision pneumatic and manual toggle presses for various applications. What Is A Clean […]

Compaction of Explosive Powders

Click to Expand Powder compaction is gradually becoming an essential industrial manufacturing technique for producing components with complex shapes and structures. It is the process of tamping powder particles in a die using high pressures. The tools are typically held vertically, with the punch tool forming the bottom of the chamber. After that, the powder […]

Wheel Hub Assembly Machine

AIM-Joraco had the overarching goal of building a sophisticated high-tech production line. With this, we developed an automated press-fitting hub assembly cell system for a major tractor manufacturer by combining our expertise in pneumatic press engineering and industrial automation. This custom press solution is designed to precisely press fit bolts into tractor wheel hubs. Click […]

What Is an Air Over Hydraulic Press?

A hydropneumatic press, or air over hydraulic press, combines compressed air and hydraulic oil into one system. As a clean, reliable alternative to hydraulic presses, air over hydraulic presses are used for a wide range of industrial tasks, including punching, bending, riveting, forming, and more. This type of press offers a wide range of benefits […]