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  1. What Is an Air Over Hydraulic Press?

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     three kinds of AIR OVER HYDRAULIC PRESS

    A hydropneumatic press, or air over hydraulic press, combines compressed air and hydraulic oil into one system. As a clean, reliable alternative to hydraulic presses, air over hydraulic presses are used for a wide range of industrial tasks, including punching, bending, riveting, forming, and more. This type of press offers a wide range of benefits that make them suitable for various industries and applications.

    Air Over Hydraulic Press Overview

    Used to perform a wide range of functions, the air over hydraulic press delivers the powerful force of a hydraulic press combined with the enhanced control and efficiency of a pneumatic press. The air over hydraulic press is initially driven by compressed air. When it encounters resistance, the hydraulic power is automatically activated. This innovative technology can help you save space, reduce your energy expenditure, and so much more.

    Air Over Hydraulic Press Benefits

    The advantages of using air over hydraulic presses include:

    • They’re small and lightweight, and there’s no need for a hydraulic power pack.
    • With compressed air as their primary power source, they allow for a quicker approach and retraction.
    • They use up to 50% less energy when compared to fully hydraulic and pneumatic systems.
    • They offer an overall savings of up to 70% over traditional hydraulic systems.
    • With simple sealing components and pneumatic elements, air over hydraulic presses are easy to use.
    • These presses eliminate the need for expensive hydraulic oil and other hydraulic components.

    Air Over Hydraulic Press Applications

    Air over hydraulic presses are commonly used for a wide range of industrial tasks, including:

    • Bending
    • Riveting
    • Forming
    • Marking
    • Clamping
    • Punching
    • Straightening
    • Shearing
    • Die setting
    • Embossing
    • Forming metals and plastics

    Featured Air Over Hydraulic Presses

    At AIM-Joraco, our air over hydraulic presses are available in a variety of sizes and configurations to meet the needs of your application. These presses are manufactured from steel plate in the United States. Our featured air over hydraulic presses include:

    • Hydro-Pneumatic (HP) Press Series. This press is available in C-Frame and H-Frame configurations with a standard 4’’ stroke with ½’’ power stroke, providing anywhere from 2 to 16-tons of force. It offers clean, reliable, and accurate results, with optional features like the EZ-Dial Precision Force Regulator and custom height, stroke, and other options.
    • Hydro-Aire (Model HP-16H). With up to 16 tons of force, this unit features automatic stroke adjustment without any messy hydraulics. Our standard model features 8’’ open height with 4’’ stroke with up to ½’’ power stroke, though the model is customizable to suit your needs.
    • Hydro-Aire (Model HP-8H). This eight-ton model is ideal for punching, marking, and staking, and can include optional accessories like a dwell timer and force monitoring.
    • Hydro-Aire (Model HP-4H). This four-ton version is made of just three moving parts (no springs!) and can be PLC ready for automated set-up.

    Air Over Hydraulic Presses from AIM-Joraco

    For more than 70 years, AIM-Joraco has been a trusted manufacturer of precision pneumatic and manual toggle presses, semi-automatic rotary indexing machines, and assembly and fabrication tooling. Our presses are time-tested and field-proven, and we aim to provide personalized, high-quality solutions at competitive prices. As a leading supplier of pneumatic presses, including air over hydraulic presses, we can deliver the solutions you need. For more information about our selection of air over hydraulic presses, contact us today.

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