Basic Troubleshooting For Your Pneumatic Bench Press

If you own a pneumatic bench press, it can be difficult to identify the source of the problem. To obtain an accurate diagnostics, the best course of action would be to take your pneumatic bench press to the manufacturer. In the meantime, there are a few steps you should take to diagnose and troubleshoot common problems associated with your pneumatic presses.

First: Ask a question

Ask yourself what you use your benchtop pneumatic press for; if you work in fine arts, it might there might be a sticky residue affecting the performance of your machine or if you work in industrial work, it might be a problem with the pressure regulator.

To begin to see what the problem is, perform a thorough inspection of your machine and look for any of the usual symptoms associated with your line of work. Pneumatic bench presses are used by a range of industries and each comes with its own set of problems.

Read your machine’s schematic handbook

Your press should have come with a handbook or other form of documentation regarding troubleshooting. They will often come with diagrams, showing the correct placement of certain valves, grippers, and pressure settings. If any of these seem as if they are out of place, try adjusting them before trying other troubleshooting options.

Inspect while you use the machine

If there are no apparent problems when your machine is not in operation, perform a visual inspection while the machine is operating. You should look for signs of air leakage, drastic changes in system pressures, and any faults when the system moves. You might have to get the help of a colleague or a friend to stay safe while the machine is in operation. With a pneumatic press, one issue may be causing smaller issues elsewhere.


While some pneumatic hand press machines or other types of hydropneumatic press may require simple lubrication or part replacement, it is essential to consult a professional when you make any major changes to your machine. 

If a malfunction in your pneumatic press has been resolved, be sure to record where and when the incident took place to ensure you’re keeping an accurate log. This may be useful in the future if any other problems may occur.