The Benefits Of Using Pneumatic Presses For Cleanroom Applications

Cleanrooms provide a controlled environment with minimal exposure to contaminants. They are used in a variety of industries where dust and debris, microorganisms, chemical vapors, or aerosolized particles might impact the efficacy of a process or product. Selecting equipment designed for use in cleanrooms is critical for maintaining the sterilization and cleanliness standards of the environment.


Cleanroom levels vary depending on the needs of the application. The requirements for each class of cleanroom are determined by ISO 14644 standards, as well as corresponding FED STD 209E standards. These guidelines set specific rules regarding the number of particles that can be present in the cleanroom’s air supply, as well as the size of those particles. ISO Class 1 has the highest purity standards, while ISO Class 9 is roughly equivalent to the air quality of standard rooms.

At AIM Joraco, we offer pneumatic presses for use in cleanrooms. We have three levels of pneumatic press available to suit varying cleanroom levels:

Level 1 (Cr-1)

·       Exhaust air cleanliness: Equivalent to ISO Class 5 (FED STD Class 100); particles of 0.3 µm or larger (3.5 particles/ or less)

·       Fluid: Compressed air

·       Element upstream pressure: 0.1 MPa or less

·       Ambient and fluid temperature: 5–50° C

·       Filtration degree: 0.01 µm (trapping efficiency 95%)

·       Downstream cleanliness: Particles of 0.3 µm or larger: 100 particle or less/ft³ (35 particles or less/10 ℓ ANR)

·       Element life: One year from first use (or when upstream pressure reaches 0.1 MPa, even if less than one year from first use)

·       Element life indication (saturated with oil): Element color indication (replace if red dots appear on the element surface, even if less than one year from first use)

·       Element construction: Worry-free two-stage element construction prevents external discharge

·       Silencing effect: 40 dB (A) or more

LEVEL 2 (CR-2)

·      Exhaust air cleanliness

·      Stainless steel contact surfaces: Stainless steelbolster plate and ram with wiper system

LEVEL 3 (CR-3)

·      Exhaust air cleanliness

·      Complete stainless steel: Stainless steel contact surfaces, frame, hardware, and fasteners

Industries That Benefit From Cleanroom Pneumatic Presses

Pneumatic presses for cleanrooms offer an ideal solution for use in a variety of industries. Our presses are currently used in industries such as:

·       Pharmaceutical

·       Life science

·       Regenerative medicine

·       Surgical

Cleanrooms with pneumatic presses play a central role in creating a variety of life-saving products and equipment. Some cleanroom applications for pneumatic presses include:

·       Tissue cutting and sampling

·       Implant assembly

·       Medical device assembly

Tons Of Force No Matter Which Press

Our presses are available in a broad range of tonnages to suit varying application needs. At AIM Joraco, we offer three different series of pneumatic presses to suit cleanroom needs:

·       Toggle Aire Series:½–16 tons

·       Hydro-Pneumatic Series: 2–16 tons

·       Direct-Air Series: 15–5,000 lbs.

If you’d like to learn more about our pneumatic presses for cleanroom applications, contact us today to speak to a customer service representative.