Die Cutting

When cutting a particular shape from a material, die-cutting makes the process more efficient and accurate than cutting by hand. Die-cutting uses a die and a machine to cut, which produces more consistent results in less time, making it great for a variety of applications. Due to die-cutting’s ability to cut intricate shapes from paper and other materials, it’s frequently used for the fine arts and medical industries.

Using Die-cutting Machines

A die-cutting machine is used to cut custom shapes from different materials, including paper and vellum. The machine consists of cutting plates and rollers, which apply pressure to a die to press it through the base material, creating the desired shape. Using a custom die featuring nearly any shape imaginable, you can cut the same shape repeatedly with more efficiency and minimal risk of mistakes.

There are two main types of die-cutting machines available: manual or digital die-cutting machines. Digital machines, which often use laser technology to complete die cuts, connect to computers. Designs are cut either from scratch or designs created in software. Laser die-cutting machines offer more accuracy, precision, and efficiency than other types of die-cutting machines.

Benefits Of Laser Die Cutting Machines