The Different Types of Heat Presses

Each type of heat press brings different processing advantages.  

Depending on the materials that your facility processes and the finished pressed products you need, heat presses can be an optimal tool for working with clothing, plastics, and metal.

The most common types of heat presses include:

Manual Heat Press

Workers operate manual presses to directly manipulate them during material processing. While manual heat presses enable a human-level degree of precision over the heat-pressing process, they also require constant monitoring of the materials and the timer to open the press in time.

Because these presses use manual power, they tend to produce much lower levels of force and work best on thin and malleable materials. 

Semiautomatic Heat Press
Semiautomatic presses use machines to augment the force that workers apply to the press. For example, when a worker pushes downward on the press, the machine knows to apply a predefined amount of force onto the pressing medium. 

Many semiautomatic presses also have automated timing and opening functions, making mass production easier. 

The benefits of these presses include:

  • More standardized products because of automated processing times
  • Safer and easier working conditions for operators

Pneumatic Heat Press

Pneumatic presses offer more powerful pressure and automated functionality than the above two presses. As with semiautomatic heat presses, pneumatic heat presses have automated timers and automated releases. 

Each step is also controlled through knobs or foot pedals instead of workers manually operating the press.

If your facility frequently needs to process materials on a heat press, pneumatic presses offer a greater range of functionality. These presses also reduce the risks of operator fatigue and repetitive stress injuries.

Joraco’s Model DA-800HS

Presses improve in functionality as the amount of psi they generate rises. Joraco’s Model DA-800D-HS-2 Heat Stamp generates forces of up to 5,000 lbs of continuous force at 100 psi. 

This pneumatic heat press is fully valved and uses a standard SS-PB-18 two-hand controller for easy operation.

If your company needs a heat stamp system that can offer a wide range of pressing options, AIM-Joraco’s systems are the machines for you. Our products can be tooled for the following applications:

  • Cutting and pressing
  • Laminating and heat sealing
  • Solventless oil extractions
  • Heat transfer

We also offer a range of custom press features to tailor pneumatic heat presses so they can meet your individual needs.

Our electric heat stamp packages, for example, give oil extraction companies a safe alternative to traditional extraction processes. Joraco’s heat stamp systems are also OSHA compliant, helping keep your facility and employees safe.

The Model DA-800HS-2 pneumatic heat press has a 2” stroke with a 4” or 6” open height for easy material manipulation.

Quality Solutions for Pressing Situations

At AIM-Joraco, all our pneumatic heat presses and other press options are designed to give your company the greatest possible range of stamping and pressing functionality. We’ve spent over 70 years in pursuit of this goal, listening to what our customers need and innovating our tools to in response. 

Contact us today with your force requirements and heat press specifications to learn how you can get started.

The Different Types of Pneumatic Heat Presses