Wheel Hub Assembly Machine

AIM-Joraco had the overarching goal of building a sophisticated high-tech production line. With this, we developed an automated press-fitting hub assembly cell system for a major tractor manufacturer by combining our expertise in pneumatic press engineering and industrial automation. This custom press solution is designed to precisely press fit bolts into tractor wheel hubs.

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How Does the Assembly System Work?

This assembly system features two 8-ton AIM Joraco Hydro-Aire® presses, a rotary electric motor mounted on top of a pneumatically powered linear slide, and an optical sensing system.

As the operator activates the system and loads the hub into the press with loosely inserted pins, the linear slide moves the wheel into position. Next, the optical sensors guide the electric motor as it rotates the wheel hub until one bolt is accurately located under each press. The presses then activate simultaneously with precise force to insert the perfectly aligned bolts into the hub. Once that is done, the motor moves the succeeding two bolts into position, and the process repeats until every bolt is in its place. Lastly, the part is manually ejected after the slide retracts.

AIM-Joraco Wheel Hub Assembly Machine

AIM-Joraco constructed the assembly machine by incorporating two of its HP8 Series Hydro-Pneumatic Presses into a custom-built press frame. As a result, the machine takes up only 7.5 square ft. of floor space, with a footprint of 45 in. long x 24 in. wide. A safety light curtain has also been installed to protect operators from machine motion injuries.

  • PLC Control Unit provides control and logic verification to ensure the bolts are pressed to the correct depth and that all the bolts are processed.
  • Linear Slide System then shuttles the finished hub assembly to allow the operator to remove and repeat the process.

Capabilities Applied

  • Press Fit Bolts: These are used to connect flange couplings.
  • Rotational Positioning: During installation, the bolt is positioned in the coupling holes in a clearance condition, and the sleeve expands by drawing the bolt through the sleeve to provide a proper interference fit.
  • Optical Sensing for Positioning: Position sensors detect movement or determine an object’s perceived position relative to a known reference point.

Equipment Integrated into Solution

  • 2x Hydro-Aire 8 Ton Presses: An AIM-Joraco alternative to the hydraulic press featuring a rapid motion with automatic power stroke and is fully contained with no hydraulic lines or fluid reservoirs. With presses ranging in capacity from two to 16 tons of force, it also produces accurate and reliable results.
  • Optical Sensors: Electronic components that detect incident light rays and convert them into electrical signals.
  • Electronic Motors: Devices that convert electrical energy into mechanical energy.
  • Linear Pneumatic Cylinder: A mechanical device that converts the energy in compressed air into a linear reciprocating motion.
  • Light Curtain: An electro-optic device used to protect personnel in the proximity of potentially hazardous machinery.

AIM-Joraco – Number One in Service and Innovation

Our 75+ years of service experience enables us to provide quality presses that meet a wide range of special requirements. To learn more about this system or our other custom product assembly solutions, contact AIM-Joraco today!