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An Example of Our Work:
AIM Joraco Manufactures a Hydro-Pneumatic Press for use in the Pyrotechnic Industry

AIM Joraco, a premier manufacturerof pneumatic presses was approached by a company well known in the pyrotechnic industry to provide a Hydro-Pneumatic press that would enhance the production of their unique product line. This particular application called for the ability to compress volatile material within a form to a specific density. This is not the first time that an AIM Joraco press was chosen for an application that called for the compression of explosive material and they’re excited to gain exposure in this field.

AIM Joraco’s Hydro-Pneumatic Press Series offers clean, reliable and accurate results with presses ranging in capacity from 1/2 to 16-tons of force. This air over oil series is a much cleaner alternative to the hydraulic press and offers the same advantages. It is fully contained with no fluid reservoirs or hydraulic lines and features rapid advance with automatic power stroke.

The customer was pleased with the arrival of their 8-ton hydro-pneumatic press. Not only was it delivered in the nick of time, but it also worked out of the crate just as it was intended to do. Per the customer, they received our press with a narrow window of time before they were schedule to meet with clients to test the manufacturing process utilizing it, but their confidence was assured quickly upon its arrival at their facility. Much like our customers, AIM Joraco also strives to produce high quality products that perform as advertised.