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Die Cutting



When cutting a particular shape from a material, die-cutting makes the process more efficient and accurate than cutting by hand. Die-cutting uses a die and a machine to cut, which produces more consistent results in less time, making it great for a variety of applications. Due to die-cutting's ability to cut intricate shapes from paper and other materials, it's frequently used for the fine arts and medical industries.

Using Die-Cutting Machines


A die-cutting machine is used to cut custom shapes from different materials, including paper and vellum. The machine consists of cutting plates and rollers, which apply pressure to a die to press it through the base material, creating the desired shape. Using a custom die featuring nearly any shape imaginable, you can cut the same shape repeatedly with more efficiency and minimal risk of mistakes.


There are two main types of die-cutting machines available: manual or digital die-cutting machines. Digital machines, which often use laser technology to complete die cuts, connect to computers. Designs are cut either from scratch or designs created in software. Laser die-cutting machines offer more accuracy, precision, and efficiency than other types of die-cutting machines.

Benefits of Laser Die Cutting Machines


To increase the versatility of our laser-guided press, we've converted it into a laser die-cutting machine for the fine arts. Laser die cutting offers multiple benefits that make it one of the best solutions for a wide range of projects. These benefits include:

Increased Accuracy and Precision


Through the use of a small but powerful laser, laser die-cutting melts and evaporates the material with optimum precision. While this is beneficial for many uses in fine arts projects, the aerospace industry also relies on this equipment for its combined accuracy and precision.

Compatibility with Complex Shapes


Regardless of the shape you want to create with laser die-cutting, these machines are normally capable of producing the results you want. The use of powerful lasers results in minimal distortion and warping of the material, and the accuracy of this equipment makes it easy to cut complex shapes repeatedly.

Reduced Waste


The precision and accuracy of laser die-cutting also help minimize waste, helping ensure you get the most from your materials. Even when working with extremely thin materials, you can avoid the kind of damage or warping that you might experience with other die-cutting processes.


The Toggle-Aire presses from AIM Joraco, including our laser-guided Toggle-Aire 5-Ton Press, offer these advantages. Our 5-Ton pneumatic press features laser alignment that allows for the consistent accuracy, precision, and overall efficiency needed for many applications.

Using Die Cutting Machines in the Medical Industry


Die-cutting machines are used throughout the medical industry, particularly for cleanroom die-cutting. With cleanroom die-cutting, you can combine the speed and efficiency of die-cutting with a controlled environment. This reduces particulate contamination while allowing for control over humidity, static, pressure, and temperature. 

This level of control and sterility makes cleanroom die-cutting especially useful for the medical industry. It allows for the cutting of valuable and fragile materials such as regenerative tissue, bone grafts, heart valves, medical meshing, and much more. 

At AIM Joraco, our cleanroom die-cutting machines offer a versatile solution for many medical applications such as tissue cutting/sampling, implant assembly, and medical device assembly.

AIM Joraco's Toggle-Aire Laser-Guided Die Cutting for the Fine Arts and Medical Industries


As a leading manufacturer of manual toggle and precision pneumatic presses, AIM Joraco has developed a line of premium Toggle-Aire presses to meet almost any requirements. These laser-guided pneumatic presses are customizable to meet our customers' die-cutting needs, with the ability to produce consistent results for designs of any complexity.


With over 70 years of service and innovation behind our products, the experts at AIM Joraco can provide our customers with some of the most dependable die-cutting equipment and much more. To learn more about our Toggle-Aire 5-Ton Press and other presses, or for more information about any of our other product offerings, contact us today.


AIM Joraco, a premier manufacturerof the Toggle-Aire® line of precision pneumatic & manual toggle presses, is thrilled to have their laser guided press used to create fine art for kids. When No Boundaries, Inc., had reached the point of “celebrity status” success with their line of wall art, they decided to ask AIM Joraco’s team of engineers for a complete application solution.

AIM Joraco responded with their Toggle-Aire® 5-Ton Press that includes laser alignment to provide guidance to the operator for placement of the material along printed edges for precision cutting. With this custom tool the user can cut fabric for their application with extreme accuracy. Per Tom Capp, the owner of No Boundaries, Inc., “AIM Joraco completely understood what our needs were, and they made the purchasing process a pleasurable experience.” 



AIM Joraco has now successfully packaged and delivered similar systems for applications utilizing fabric, tissue and filter membrane for use within the medical industry including life science and regenerative tissue repair.