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Fine Arts

An Example of Our Work: 
Laser Guided Die Cutting Solution Enters the Fine Arts Industry

AIM Joraco, a premier manufacturerof the Toggle-Aire® line of precision pneumatic & manual toggle presses, is thrilled to have their laser guided press used to create fine art for kids. When No Boundaries, Inc., had reached the point of “celebrity status” success with their line of wall art, they decided to ask AIM Joraco’s team of engineers for a complete application solution.

AIM Joraco responded with their Toggle-Aire® 5-Ton Press that includes laser alignment to provide guidance to the operator for placement of the material along printed edges for precision cutting. With this custom tool the user can cut fabric for their application with extreme accuracy. Per Tom Capp, the owner of No Boundaries, Inc., “AIM Joraco completely understood what our needs were, and they made the purchasing process a pleasurable experience.” 



AIM Joraco has now successfully packaged and delivered similar systems for applications utilizing fabric, tissue and filter membrane for use within the medical industry including life science and regenerative tissue repair.