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An Example of Our Work: 
AIM Joraco Provides Solution for World’s Leading Provider of Technology to the Oil & Gas Industry

AIM Joraco designed and manufactured a compacting press for the world's leading provider of technology to the oil and gas industry. This press is designed to pack explosive materials into capsules for oil well perforating systems. Due to the extremely hazardous nature of the explosive powder being compacted, it was necessary for us to create a system that is explosion proof and involves integrated safety features that comply with industry standards, statutory regulations, and the company's explicit directives.

Using the Direct-Aire® Model 400T straight cylinder pneumatic press, as the basic element for design, AIM Joraco provided additions of explosion protection housing and an integrated force monitoring system to meet the customers need. The force monitoring system calculates the work of compaction of very delicate materials and validates proper press operation to ensure manufacturing consistency. It also provides interrupts, alarms, and records data in real-time for inspection and quality assurance purposes.


This particular solution provided the dimensions of 13.0" in width x 18.0" in depth x 42.0" in height, allowing this press to comfortably fit on the bench top.