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Multiple Roll Payout System Handles Delicate Materials Without Damage

A custom manufactured press feed and payout system that can feed several rolls of delicate materials, die-cut multiple plies, and safely pull them through is being introduced by Joraco, Inc. of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

Joraco Custom Press Feed Payout Systems for delicate materials feature a
3 ton Toggle-Aire® press and integrated air feed, with a gear-driven payout system for handling up to five plies of material from five separate reels. Featuring a user-programmable 24V PLC, this motorized system feeds, aligns, die-cuts, punches, or assembles the combined delicate materials and pulls through the finished product at up to 100 SPM with ±0.001” accuracy.

Allowing an operator to program batch- and totalizing counters, and change from single cycle to automatic operation through the console, Joraco Custom Press Feed Payout Systems provide an LCD readout display. Utilizing photo-optic proximity sensors, a two-hand actuator for operator safety, standard features include die area safety interlocks, and emergency stop and reset buttons. These systems are suitable for use with papers, films, and foils.

Tooling can be developed for or provided by the customer. Literature is available.

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