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Pneumatic Toggle Press Custom Tooled and Ready to Use

A bench top, 10-ton pneumatic toggle press that can be equipped with custom tooling for performing a wide range of light fabrication and assembly operations is available from Joraco, Inc. of Smithfield, Rhode Island.

The Toggle-Aire® 2530 Series 10-Ton press features a toggle design which employs a mechanical advantage to multiply forces from the air cylinder into the ram; resulting in a powerful squeeze at the end of the stroke. Suitable for a wide range of light fabrication and assembly operations, this press is available with stroke lengths up to 2”, shut height from
5” to 4¼”, and can be supplied custom tooled and ready to use.

Capable of operating at 100 SPM, with *0.001” accuracy, the Toggle-Aire® 2530 Series 10-Ton press FAC/stroke is 0.64 cu.ft. @80 psi. Joraco can develop custom tooling for punching, blanking, piercing, bending, stamping, riveting, staking, swaging, inserting, and forming applications. They will test a customer’s application in their development laboratory from sample parts to determine the optimum press and tooling requirements.

 Literature and quotations are provided on request.

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