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An Example of Our Work:
AIM Joraco Manufactured a Toggle-Aire® Model 1530 Press into a Rivet Machine Built for Easy Integration

AIM Joraco engineered and manufactured a specific press solution, the Toggle-Aire® Model 1530-R, for automated rivet installation. After collaborating with the customer, AIM Joraco developed a hybrid solution that involved modifying a 5-Ton Model 1530 Toggle-Aire® Press and configuring it with a feeder bowl, track, and custom tooling.

With flexible designs, AIM Joraco’s standard pneumatic presses are built for easy integration into automated assembly lines and work cells. The Toggle-Aire® Model 1530-R pneumatic press configuration features a feeder bowl with an opening on the bottom. After the operator loads rivets into the bowl, the slide on the bottom opens to dispense a rivet onto a guide arm which positions it underneath the tooling. The tool consists of a rivet head hammer and a rolling die that then forms the rivet head into the correct shape.

The Toggle-Aire® Model 1530-R is a benchtop rivet installation press features dimensions of just 17.0" in length x 10.0" in width x 25.0" in height. It operates with repeatable accuracy at fast cycle times. Custom tooling matches job-specific requirements, and the solution provides a high throughput, labor-saving solution. The machine provides the ability to have ease of maintenance and is adaptable with existing equipment.