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DIRECT-AIRE® Pneumatic Press - Straight Cylinder Series

AIM Joraco Direct-Aire Model DA-400T Straight Pneumatic  Cylinder Press


The DIRECT-AIRE® pneumatic press series features a straight pneumatic cylinder for applications requiring full force over the entire stroke such as assembling bushings, posts, inserts, fasteners, and related products.  Suitable for a wide range of manual and semi-automatic assembly operations, this press is offered with a standard 4.5” stroke, providing from 314 to 7,800 lbs. of constant force, in both C-Frame and H-Frame configurations manufactured in the US from steel plate.

Designed to let users specify a press that meets their needs, the AIM Joraco Direct-Aire press series is offered with three Ram styles: Female or Male threaded 1” Ram , or with a hole for shank mount.  Other options include pneumatic counters, non-rotating ram, adjustable hard stop, dwell timers, FRL keyed to air shut-off, EZ-Dial Precision Force Regulator, as well as custom open height, stroke, platens and tooling.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         


            DIRECT-AIRE Specifications







Force@ 100 psi

314 lbs

650 lbs

1200 lbs

2300 lbs

5000 lbs

Stroke / Min.






Open Height


Standard for all Direct-Aire Models

**Custom Specifications Quoted Upon Request**



Throat Depth


Bolster Plate (Platen)

6" x 8"

Air Consumption
per stroke @ 80 psi


0.2 cf.

.39 cf.

.64 cf.

1.66 cf.


Applications Include:

    Snap/Press Fitting
    Forming, etc...



Photo (Left): DA-300 w/ 2-Post Die Set and Force Monitoring

Photo (Left): DA-400 Multi-Head System mounted to custom press stand

Photo (Left): DA-800 H-Frame w/ Adjustable Hard Stop

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