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Manufacturing Quality Pneumatic Presses for Over 70 Years!

AIM JORACO, has been manufacturing industrial pneumatic presses to order in our Rhode Island based factory since 1947.


Smithfield, RI, April 18, 2017 –Joraco® Metal Products opened its doors in 1947 as a tool, die, and stamping house located in Pawtucket, Rhode Island. Observing industry’s need for a compact, reliable, accurate and powerful air press, Joraco® designed its first pneumatic press in 1959 and gradually transitioned into a premier manufacturer of pneumatically powered toggle presses – the TOGGLE-AIRE® line.  Since the beginning it served some of the nation’s foremost manufacturers such as America Tourister, Fram Corporation, Kaiser Aluminum, Raytheon, and Hasbro, Inc. In 1982 Joraco® had outgrown its Pawtucket manufacturing facility and moved to Smithfield, RI where it still stands today. Over the years, the TOGGLE-AIRE® press line expanded and there are currently thousands of presses and rotary indexers in the field – most still in operation. Time tested, with billions of strokes performed, they offer the user an economical and efficient alternative to full revolution and light capacity hydraulic and pneumatic presses.


In 2005 Joraco and its TOGGLE-AIRE® pneumatic press line were acquired by Automated Industrial Machine, Inc (AIM). Today, over 10 years later, AIM-Joraco® continues to build on the success of its product line by incorporating new technologies such as process controls, instrumentation and quality monitoring systems to suit the needs of its customers and the next generation in manufacturing.  In 2009 we added the Hydo-Pneumatic (air-over-oil) press to our product line. In 2013 our TOGGLE-AIRE press was CE Marked for the European market. Earlier this year we updated our online presence to be more accessible to our more mobile customers and we are also looking to expand our factory within the next calendar year. We are striving to maintain our competitive edge in today’s market and we look forward to more advances over the next decade of growth.


AIM-Joraco® manufactures the TOGGLE-AIRE®,  DIRECT-AIRE® and HYDRO-AIRE line of precision pneumatic & manual toggle presses, semi-automatic rotary indexing machines, and assembly and fabrication tooling. Our compact, bench air presses are available with forces from 1/2 to over 16 tons. Whether you are staking, swaging, stamping, crimping, forming, riveting, punching, piercing, blanking, assembling, laminating, or marking our presses offer you a field proven, time tested alternative to costly and complicated power and hydraulic presses. For more information, please visit:, call us at 401-232-1710 or email:

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