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 Accessories & Options

Filter, Regulator & Lubricator (FRL)


All TOGGLE-AIRE® and DIRECT-AIRE® equipment should be operated with filtered and lubricated air. The use of a pressure regulator is also strongly recommended.

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One-Shot Lubrication System


TOGGLE-AIRE®’s One Shot Lubrication System is available on all presses and rotary indexer systems. This system lubricates all critical points of operation with just one pull of the pump plunger.


Precision Force Regulator for AIM Joraco Presses. Controls output force of press cylinder regardless of inlet line pressure to the system

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Adjustable Stroke and Hard Stop


The Adjustable Stroke (0-4.5") and Hard Stop (ASH), is available with our Direct-Aire series presses.

"J" Series Die Sets for Small Press Use


TOGGLE-AIRE® "J" Series Die Sets are designed for use in moderate stamping, fabrication, and assembly applications. They are ideal for use in our presses and many other small presses of all types. They feature all steel construction, with standard shoulder bushings and precision ground guide pins.

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TOGGLE-AIRE® TAT Series Press Stands

TOGGLE-AIRE® TAT Series press stands are rugged, universal machine bases for use with all small presses and machinery. Joraco® press stands are completely built with no assembly required. Fabricated in our plant with quality materials, they are available with a variety of optional tops including blanchard ground steel and cast aluminum tool and jig plate.

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TOGGLE-AIRE® Ram Depth Setting Adjustment Handwheel


Easy, Convenient Ram Depth Setting with New Ram Adjustment Handwheel

Stroke Completion Module Model CSR-G2


New, 2nd Generation CSR Controls give you the repeatability of our original BEM control system with the Ram Reversing Features of our original CSR controls to give you the best of both.

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Key Operated Shut Off Valve - Locks Off Air Supply To Press - For Safe Maintenance Adjustments Model KOS-1030


The Model KOS-1030 is a key operated shut off valve for use on all TOGGLE AIRE® presses and equipment as well as on other pneumatic devices that require a key operated shut off.

Synchro-Sig Series - Two Hand, Optical Touch - Anti Tie Down Actuators Model SS-OT

SS-OT-18 Optical Touch Controller

The TOGGLE-AIRE® Two Hand Optical Touch Actuators are the newest members of the Synchro-Sig series of actuators and controls. They are direct replacements for earlier models and are designed for use on all TOGGLE-AIRE® presses regardless of age.

Synchro-Sig Series - Two Hand, Anti Tie Down Actuators Model SS-PB


The Synchro-Sig Series Model SS-PB Two Hand Actuator is one in a series of actuators manufactured by AIM-Joraco, for use on all TOGGLE-AIRE presses and equipment.  As is the case with all of our actuators, it is a direct replacement for any of the earlier versions of Synchro-Sig Series units found on our presses.  The SS-PB retrofits to any TOGGLE-AIRE press, regardless

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At AIM Joraco, we manufacture high-quality pneumatic press accessories for the TOGGLE-AIRE®, DIRECT-AIRE®, and HYDRO-AIRE® lines. We continue to add more options to our product list to keep up with current assembly and manufacturing industry needs. From settling adjustment handwheels to press stands, there is a wide range of pnuematic press accessories to choose from.

If you have any questions regarding our pneumatic press accessories, call us at 888-889-4287. We want you to help you find your ideal accessory to benefit your business.


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