Key Operated Shut Off Valve (KO)

Locks Off Air Supply To Press – For Safe Maintenance Adjustments.The Model KOS-1030 is a key operated shut off valve for use on all TOGGLE AIRE® presses and equipment as well as on other pneumatic devices that require a key operated shut off.  Although all TOGGLE AIRE® presses come with our standard “Padlock” supply shut off, this option allows maintenance personnel to make minor adjustments by locking off the air supply with a key device mounted right on the press. The key is retained in the lock when the valve is in the “ON” position and can only be removed in the “OFF” position. It is available in either Keyed Alike or Keyed Differently versions and works well with any non-flammable, non toxic, non corrosive gas except oxygen.

The KOS-1030 has a heavy gauge steel main enclosure which is factory sealed to maintain lockset and valving integrity. The valve body is die cast aluminum and the spool, stem and spring and spring components are stainless steel. The valve itself is a 3-way type that bleeds the line downstream when it is in the “OFF” position. Seals are Buna N material. These construction features plus its versatility and high CV make the KOS1030 ideal for a wide range of applications.


Left to Right3.5"
Front to Back1.125"
Top to Bottom1.625"
Operating Pressures
Minimum10 PSI
Maximum125 PSI
Port Size1/4" NPT


IMPORTANT! The TOGGLE-AIRE® Model KOS-1030 Key Operated Shut Off is designed and sold for use as a general purpose Pneumatic Shut Off. It can be used in those applications where a keyed device is required for various reasons. IT IS NOT DESIGNED NOR SHOULD IT BE USED AS AN ACTUATING DEVICE ON ANY PRESS OR OTHER TYPE OF PNEUMATIC MACHINE. IT IS STRICTLY DESIGNED FOR USE AS A SUPPLY SHUT OFF DEVICE AND SHOULD NEVER BE USED FOR ANY OTHER PURPOSE! Because it is impossible to anticipate the conditions under which our equipment will be operated, additional devices and methods may be required to insure operator safety. Besides conforming to all national, state, OSHA, and ANSI standards and codes, the buyer should consider the safety of the entire operation involving any press or machine, and see that any additional guarding, training, and maintenance deemed necessary is developed and enforced to protect the well being of the machine operator.