Stroke Completion Module Model Csr-g2

New, 2nd Generation CSR Controls give you the repeatability of our original BEM control system with the Ram Reversing Features of our original CSR controls to give you the best of both.

Now you can operate your presses using our new CSR-G2 Stroke Completion Module along with your existing TOGGLE-AIRE® controls to get a self completing stroke – thus guaranteeing repeatability and maximum force- while also getting an instantly reversing ram should the operator remove one or both hands from the Two Hand Actuator prior to the end of stroke.

The CSR-G2 Module mounts on the side of the press as shown. Kits are available to easily convert from existing BEM or CSR controls. All your current valving is utilized and conversion to the new CSR-G2 mode takes only a few minutes.

Available installed on all New Presses or as a Retrofit Kit for existing presses regardless of age.


The operator is required to simultaneously depress the levers of the SS-DM unit or activate the Optical Touch Buttons of the SS-OT unit and hold them on until the press ram bottoms out, which activates the CSR-G2 Module and auto reverses the press. If, however, one or both hands are released before the completion of the stroke, the ram will instantly reverse and return to the up position.