Synchro-Sig Series – Two Hand, Optical Touch – Anti Tie Down Actuators Model Ss-OT

The TOGGLE-AIRE® Two Hand Optical Touch Actuators are the newest members of the Synchro-Sig series of actuators and controls. They are direct replacements for earlier models and are designed for use on all TOGGLE-AIRE® presses regardless of age. The SS-OT 18 and SS-OT 24 are ergonomically engineered, “state-of-the-art” controls that reduce operator fatigue because no physical pressure is required for operation. This helps eliminate the hand, wrist, and arm stress associated with mechanical push buttons.

Optical touch “buttons” are located at both ends of the SS -OT and two indicator LEDs are incorporated in each button. One LED lights when the unit is powered and ready for operation. The second lights when the button is actuated. This optical unit has an ambient light immunity of 120,000 lux (direct sunlight) and is highly resistant to both single and mixed EMI and RFI interference sources. It runs on low voltage and the wall mount power supply provided is for the actuator only. No changes are needed to existing valving.

The main enclosure is made of heavy gauge steel and is factory sealed to maintain the integrity of the internal controls. The optical buttons have black polysulfone outer housings and the electronics inside the buttons are fully epoxy encapsulated.


Depth2 3/8"2 3/8"
Height3 1/2"3 1/2"
Button Separation18"24"
Operating Pressure50 PSI to 125 PSI
Power Supply24 Volts DC - .4 Am

IMPORTANT! All TOGGLE-AIRE® Synchro-Sig Series Actuators, including the Model SS-OT Optical Touch Two Hand Actuator, are designed and sold for use on TOGGLE-AIRE® presses as well as many other types of pneumatic equipment. They are intended as general use cycle initiators, and ARE NOT, in and of themselves safety devices. Because it is impossible to anticipate the conditions under which our equipment will be operated, additional devices and methods may be required to insure operator safety. Besides conforming to all national, state, OSHA, and ANSI standards and codes, the buyer should consider the safety of the entire operation involving any press or machine, and see that any additional guarding, training, and maintenance deemed necessary is developed and enforced to protect the well being of the machine operator.

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