The Synchro-Sig Series Model SS-PB Two Hand Actuator is one in a series  of actuators manufactured by AIM-Joraco, for use on all TOGGLE-AIRE presses and equipment.  As is the case with all of our  actuators, it is a direct replacement for any of the earlier versions of Synchro-Sig Series units found on our presses.  The SS-PB retrofits to any TOGGLE-AIRE  press, regardless of age, and immediately provides the operator with a “State of the Art”, ergonomically engineered, anti tie down actuator.  The actuating “buttons” found at each end of the unit must be simultaneously depressed to provide a signal to your press.  When one or both buttons are released the output is terminated.  Both buttons must then be totally released before the unit will allow another signal to the press.  The operator’s hands remain in the “neutral” position when cycling the actuator because the palms of the hand are used to depress the buttons.


  • SS-PB . . . Enclosure: left to right: 12″,  1.75″ front to back,  3.5″ top to bottom, with 18″ between the palm balls.
  • SS-PB-24 . Enclosure:  left to right: 18″, 1.75″ front to back, 3.5″ top to bottom, with 24″ between the palm balls.  The SS-PB and SS-PB-24 mount directly in place of existing SS units in exactly the same manner.
  •  Operating Pressure:  50 PSI Minimum, 125 PSI Maximum. Pneumatic inputs and outputs connect to your TOGGLE-AIRE press in exactly the same way as your existing SS unit.  Absolutely no changes are required to the control valving on your press.
  •  Construction: The main enclosure is made of heavy gauge steel, factory sealed to maintain the integrity of the controls contained therein.  The actuating buttons are permentantly secured to the enclosure and are not field servicable.
  •  Button Guards:  All SS-PB units are supplied with an integrated “ring” guard which isolates the actuating buttons as shown in the photo above.
  •  Hardware:  Units are supplied with bulkhead fittings and all necessary mounting hardware. NOTE :  SS-PB units can be easily mounted in places other than the press platen if your application or operator safety so demands.


IMPORTANT! All TOGGLE-AIRE® Synchro-Sig Series Actuators, including the Model SS-OT Optical Touch Two Hand Actuator, are designed and sold for use on TOGGLE-AIRE® and DIRECT-AIRE presses as well as many other types of pneumatic equipment. They are intended as general use cycle initiators, and ARE NOT, in and of themselves safety devices. Because it is impossible to anticipate the conditions under which our equipment will be operated, additional devices and methods may be required to insure operator safety. Besides conforming to all national, state, OSHA, and ANSI standards and codes, the buyer should consider the safety of the entire operation involving any press or machine, and see that any additional guarding, training, and maintenance deemed necessary is developed and enforced to protect the well being of the machine operator.