Toggle-Aire® Ram Depth Setting Adjustment Handwheel

Easy, Convenient Ram Depth Setting with New Ram Adjustment Handwheel

If you’ve ever spent your precious time looking for the wrench and screwdriver used for setting the ram depth on your TOGGLE-AIRE® presses, or would just like to have a quick and easy way to adjust the Ram across the full range of adjustment, our new optional RAM ADJUSTMENT HANDWHEEL is just what you need. The handwheel makes ram adjustments almost effortless and provides a better “feel” when setting the depth of your tools. Toolsetters and/or maintenance personnel will find this a great addition to your TOGGLE-AIRE® presses.

Available on all New Presses or as a Retrofit Kit

The RAM ADJUSTMENT HANDWHEEL option is available on all new TOGGLE-AIRE presses, regardless of capacity. It is also available as as retrofit kit which can be easily installed on your existing presses, with just a few minutes required for the changeover. The retrofit kits come with the handwheel and new JP11 HW, ram adjusting screw for use with the handwheel, and a new ram adjusting screw lock nut. Kits are available for standard and fine ram adjustment styles. Call our sales engineers for more information.