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Benchtop Pneumatic Press - Oil Extraction

4" Round Heated Plates for Rosin Extraction
Model DA-800HS-4        
***Currently SHIPPING in 7-10 Business Days from Order!
  •  Custom Heat Stamp Press for Rosin Industry
  •  5000 lbs Continuous Force at 100 PSI
  •  6" open Height
  •  4" Stroke
  •  Top/Bottom 4" Round Heated Platens
  •  PLC Controlled with Dwell
  •  SS-PB-18, 2-Hand Anti-Tie Down Controller 

NOTE: Collect Shipment or Prepaid Shipment Quoted Upon Request

Rosin Extraction Press Overview

AIM Joraco is currently offering versatile, OSHA compliant, solutions that are ideal for pressing applications including extracting solventless oil from dried herbs and flowers.  Our pneumatic presses with electric heat stamp packages are a safe alternative to butane driven extraction methods. We have over 65 years experience manufacturing pneumatic presses and still manufacture on-site at our RI based factory from raw materials. We have the ability to quote custom configurations to accommodate various set ups, from low yield to high yield projects, upon request.



 - Ideally Suited for Medical Manufacturing Industry
 - Various Press Models Provide Force Between 0 - 16 tons @ 100 psi
 - Heat Stamp Packages Available with Single or Dual Temp Controls
 - Temperature Ranges from 0 - 400 Degrees Fahrenheit
 - Work Area Customizable (4" x 4", 6" x 6", 8" x 10", etc.)
 - Benchtop Units
 - Clean Room Packages Available (Particulate, Noise Reduction, Corrosion Resistant, etc.)
 - OSHA Compliant and Safety Controllers Included as Standard with ALL orders


Rosin Technique Press

Heat Stamping