Toggle-Aire — Benchtop Pneumatic Toggle Press

16-Ton Benchtop Pneumatic Press - Toggle Action

3530 Clean

The Model 3530, 16-Ton press is capable of producing over 36,000 lbs. of force at 100 psi. Our TOGGLE-AIRE pneumatic presses are completely compatible with automated lines, and with optional control systems. Our engineering department is available to supply technical information to OEMs as well as in-house machine builders if you are considering the press as a component in your cell or automated line.


10-Ton Benchtop Pneumatic Press - Toggle Action

2530 SS PB

The Model 2530 operates with a repeatability of .001″ and can be cycled up to 80 strokes per minute. Faster cycle times are available on presses with shorter than standard strokes.


5-Ton Benchtop Pneumatic Press - Toggle Action

5 Ton

The Model 1530, 5 Ton pneumatic press is completely compatible with automated lines.


3-Ton Benchtop Pneumatic Press - Toggle Action


Additional features include fully muffled exhaust for quiet operation, easily adjustable ram speed control, a “set-up” valve which holds the ram down while tools are being set, and the availability of automatic air ejection. The ram adjusting screw located at the top of the press simplifies tool depth adjustment and provides an ample range of shut height adjustment.


1/2-Ton Benchtop Pneumatic Press - Toggle Action

1/2 Ton Manual Toggle Press

This Manual Toggle Press, is the Hand Operated version of our popular Model 530 pneumatic toggle press. Similar in construction to the Model 530, the 500 HP is built using three basic units. The HEAD houses the ram, toggle, linkage and lever. The COLUMN is 1 3/4″ dia. steel keyed to the head. A rise and fall collar clamped to the column is provided for depth adjustment. The BASE has a working area of 6″ x 8″. Two tapped bosses on the underside of the base allow easy mounting to bench.


Since the start of the TOGGLE-AIRE® pneumatic press line in 1961 our goal has been to build reliable, user serviceable production equipment designed to provide the buyer many years of duty. All of our standard pneumatic presses and indexing machines are fully pneumatic, with only shop air required to operate. No pumps, no electrical requirements, no hydraulic fluids, no dangerous flywheels. Though our standard control packages are fully pneumatic, we can tailor our equipment to your applications and supply these machines controlled by other means to meet your requirements.

All of our pneumatic presses are made from high quality castings or state of the art weldments. They are precisely built right here in our Smithfield, Rhode Island factory, which means all TOGGLE-AIRE® pneumatic presses are MADE IN THE USA. Before you make any decisions concerning which brand of press you buy you owe it to yourself to contact us. Sold directly from our factory, and in select markets, through highly qualified Manufacturer’s Representatives, TOGGLE-AIRE® pneumatic presses are PRECISE, RELIABLE, and EFFICIENT and our Factory Direct prices are hard to beat.

TOGGLE-AIRE is CE Certified and available via our UK Distributor.

Models Range from 1/2-Ton to 16-Tons of Force

Model 3530 Provides up to 36,960 lbs. of force @ 100 PSI (.020″ from bottom of stroke)
Model 2530 Provides up to 24,560 lbs. of force @ 100 PSI (.020″ from bottom of stroke)
Model 1530 Provides up to 11,861 lbs. of force @ 100 PSI (.020″ from bottom of stroke)
Model 1030 Provides up to 6,165 lbs. of force @ 100 PSI (.020″ from bottom of stroke)
Model 500HP Manual 1/2 Ton Toggle Press