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DIRECT-AIRE® Mini Press Series

Direct-Aire Mini Series Straight Cylinder Press

AIM Joraco's DIRECT-AIRE® Mini Series, features a compact pedestal base and provides up to 315 lbs of force. The straight pneumatic cylinder is ideal for fragil applications requiring full force over the entire stroke. This press series is HIGHLY CUSTOMIZABLE and we encourage our customers to contact engineering to discuss project requirements.


Direct-Aire® Mini Specifications
Force @ 100 psi Up to 315 lbs
Stroke / Min.  
Open Height 5"
Stroke 2”
Throat Depth 4.5"

Standard Mini quoted as standard with the following:

  • 3/8" Threaded Ram
  • 4“x5” Working Area
  • Speed Control (SCM), Individually Control Ram Up & Down Speed
  • Synchro-Sig (SS-PB-18), Anti-Tie Down Controller

Optional Features Include:

  • Adjustable Stroke
  • Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL)
  • Dwell Timer
  • Non-Rotating Ram
  • EZ-Dial, Precision Force Regulator
  • Optical "No-Touch" Anti-Tie Down Actuation

Can be PLC Ready for automated setups!





Photo (Left) Model DA-200M, (Right) Model DA-150M, Model DA-150 features Custom Specifications



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