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DIRECT-AIRE® Model 400T Benchtop Pneumatic Press

Direct-Aire Straight Cylinder Press 0 lbs - 2.5 tons of force

AIM Joraco's DIRECT-AIRE® Model DA-400T pneumatic press, Provides up to 2300 lbs of force and features a straight pneumatic cylinder for applications requiring full force over the entire stroke.

Shown in photo with the Adjustable Hard Stop feature.

Available in both C-Frame and H-Frame configurations and manufactured in our US based factory from steel plate.

Direct-Aire® Model 400T Specifications
Force @ 100 psi 2300 lbs
Stroke / Min. 180
Open Height 8"
Stroke 4.5”
Throat Depth 4.25"
Framed designed with 6” though space for flexible working area.

Heavy Duty design with 6“x8” precision ground platen

Options Include:

  • Adjustable Stroke
  • Filter, Regulator, Lubricator (FRL)
  • Dwell Timer
  • Non-Rotating Ram
  • Adjustable Ram Speed Control
  • Optical "No-Touch" Anti-Tie Down Actuation

Can be PLC Ready for automated setups!








(Left): Model DA-400T, with optional lift guard, EZ-Dial precision pressure regulator, dwell timer and adjustable hard stop.


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