Rivets are permanent fasteners that feature smooth cylindrical shafts with a head on one end. Manual installation requires the use of pre-punched or pre-drilled holes into which the rivet is inserted. Once it is in position, its exposed end is hammered to secure it in place.

Riveting machines serve as a modern alternative to manual riveting, allowing for easier, faster, and more consistent installation. They are available in many variations—such as manual feed or automatic feed—to suit different manufacturing applications.

How Does a Riveting Machine Work?

The mechanisms underlying a riveting machine depend on the type of machine employed. For example:

  • Manual feed riveting machines require an operator to supply material to the device, usually through a hand lever or foot pedal.
  • Automatic feed riveting machines are self-regulating utilizing a feed track and hopper to distribute the necessary materials to the machine.
  • Orbital riveting machines—also known as radial riveting machines—employ a spinning forming tool to form the rivet into the desired shape. While cycle times for an orbital riveting machine are slightly longer than an impact machine, they provide more control and are ideal for projects that involve fragile components or require more precision.
  • Impact riveting machines press the rivet downward, pushing the materials together and forcing the end of the rivet onto a forming tool. This action forms the completed head and fastens the two components together. These machines offer fast operational performance and can be used with automated technology and/or pneumatic components, depending on the particular machine. Their high speed and output capacity make them ideal for projects involving large quantities.

Riveting Machines at Joraco Press Company

Joraco Press Company has served industry with innovative products and superior service for over 75 years. For riveting applications, we provide tubular/eyelet rivet machines built around our standard line of TOGGLE-AIRE® Series presses. These machines offer the same reliability and ease of maintenance expected of us and give customers the convenience of interchangeable parts between the rivet machines and pneumatic press line.

Our Model 1030-R is capable of handling soft steel or brass tubular rivets up to 3/8 inch in diameter, while the Model 1530-R is suited for heavier materials such as stainless-steel. Both machines offer automatic hopper feeding, non-binding and jamming feeding heads, and a fully pneumatic press integrated with AC powered cam-belt driven rivet heads.

For additional information about our riveting machines or assistance choosing the best machine for your application, contact us today.
An Example of Our Work:
Joraco Manufactured a TOGGLE-AIRE®  Series Model 1530 Press into a Rivet Machine Built for Easy Integration

Joraco Press Company engineered and manufactured a specific press solution, the TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Model 1530-R, for automated rivet installation. After collaborating with the customer, we developed a hybrid solution that involved modifying a 5-Ton Model 1530 TOGGLE-AIRE® Series press and configured it with a feeder bowl, track, and custom tooling.


With flexible designs, Joraco’s standard pneumatic presses are built for easy integration into automated assembly lines and work cells. The TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Model 1530-R pneumatic press configuration features a feeder bowl with an opening on the bottom. After the operator loads rivets into the bowl, the slide on the bottom opens to dispense a rivet onto a guide arm which positions it underneath the tooling. The tool consists of a rivet head hammer and a rolling die that then forms the rivet head into the correct shape.


The TOGGLE-AIRE® Series Model 1530-R is a benchtop rivet installation press features dimensions of just 17.0″ in length x 10.0″ in width x 25.0″ in height. It operates with repeatable accuracy at fast cycle times. Custom tooling matches job-specific requirements, and the solution provides a high throughput, labor-saving solution. The machine provides the ability to have ease of maintenance and is adaptable with existing equipment.



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