Technical faqs

What are the Suggested Lubricating Oils for Toggle-Aire and Direct-Aire Pneumatic Systems?

For Pneumatic Systems – Air tool Oils with an ISO grade 32 Non-detergent recommended. Note: Compounded oils containing graphite, fillers, etc. are not recommended for use with air line lubricators. Fire resistant oils containing phosphate esters should not be used with polycarbonate lubricator bowls.

What are the Suggested Lubricating Oils for Toggle-Aire One-Shot Lubrication Systems?

For Pivot Points and Rams (One-Shot Lubrication System or Manual Oiling): SAE 20 or 30 Single Viscosity Non Detergent Machine Oil Class 2 Viscosity 100-200 S.S.U.@ 100 Deg. F., minimum aniline point or 200 deg. F –

What is the SV- Tooling Set-Up Valve and what purpose does it serve?

The Set-Up Valve is the small toggle switch feature located at the back of Direct-Aire presses – when flipped on, it activates and holds the ram to the down position. When flipped off – ram returns up. This feature is used for setting tooling to the proper depth more value added when combined with Adjustable Hard Stop option.

Is the Bolster Plate Removable?

Yes. It is not Welded. The plate is bolted and can be modified to allow parts to drop through. The opening under the bolster plate is 5″ x 5″.